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The M.O.G. is a Medically Oriented Gym that is revolutionizing the way people improve and maintain their health.  At the M.O.G., every aspect of your health history is connected through exercise.  With an exceptionally qualified and professional staff, we provide the kind of support that empowers you to integrate healthy, smart decisions into real life.


The M.O.G. is part of a co-op of nationally recognized Medically Oriented Gyms. The M.O.G. offers services to healthy people, as well as, medically based fitness programs for people with Parkinson's Disease, cardiovascular conditions, Diabetes, Obesity, Arthritis, and more.  Nothing is more important than good health!


Through fitness, wellness and guidance, the M.O.G. is specifically designed to improve your life and health. Working closely with your doctor and other healthcare providers, we help our members achieve and maintain an exceptional quality of life, while preventing injuries in ways that no other provider of wellness and fitness can.

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